In an ancient 17th century farm building nested in the Lot Valley, Aveyron, Hervé and Monika Liné-Gölz founded the Atelier du Réquista in 1995. Their creative skills graze and complement each other to such an extent that they achieve the unlikely marriage of knife making and fashion design. Le Réquista is the melting pot from which their creations emerge and meet success at the same scale as their talents : borderless.


Drawing on this impulse and lifted by her bountiful energy Monika now sustains the dynamics of Le Réquista. She regularly leaves her workshop to present her creations at professional shows (Paris, Munich) or at art fairs all over France. Her long lasting and faithful followers never miss these opportunities.


Twice a year (spring and fall) the doors of Atelier du Réquista open wide. Monika then presents her creations and Perrine those of Elilia, her range of clothes for children. A different designer is invited to join them on each of these open house days which are above all celebrations of togetherness and elegance.


To find out about the next Open House dates please see our “News” page.


Monika also prepares new projects to complement the history of Réquista with new chapters. Part of our beautiful home will now welcome tourists in a beautiful cottage, imbued with charm and creativity :